Swimming Pool Secret #6: Add Chlorine at the RIGHT Time -- If You Want an Easy Pool!

Adding chlorine -- calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium dichloroisocyanurate (dichlor) -- to your swimming pool in the evening, instead of the morning can reduce cut your chemical costs in half.

Why? At night, chlorine is used up doing useful work in your pool, like oxidizing all that sweat and sun-tan lotion from your pool party. During the day, it mostly is wasted -- lost to UV in the sunlight.

When you are first starting your swimming pool in spring, or when need to 'shock' your pool (add a bunch of chlorine at once to clean up a mess), it's especially important to add in the evening.

Depending on stabilizer levels, and sunshine, you can lose half of the chlorine in the pool in as little as 30 minutes! Even when your swimming pool is stabilized, you can lose half the sanitizer in your pool in 4 hours. But, at night, all of the chlorine used up, was used up doing something useful to your pool water!

How Monsanto Cyanuric Acid Stabilizes Chlorine in Swimming Pools . . . And Helps Reduce Disinfection Costs, pgs. 7 - 9, Monsanto Technical Bulletin I-291, n.d.

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