Swimming Pool Tip #14

Don't Drink and Dive!

I'm not against drinking. And I'm not against diving. But drinking and then diving into your swimming pool is a really bad idea.

Diving safely depends on co-ordinated movements -- even more than driving does. And small amounts of alcohol can impair co-ordination enough so that even trained divers fail.

Like walking along a busy highway, or using a circular saw, diving is one of those activities in which death or mortal danger is literally inches away. Always or almost always . . . you and I perform those activities without injury. It's easy to forget that the activity itself is a 'close call'!

A classic swimming pool paraplegic victim is a young person, 16 to 29, often male, and often drinking, who fails at a dive they normally could perform. But even older males, encouraged by a party atmosphere and a couple of drinks, and caught up in a sudden burst of juvenile enthusiasm are also at risk.

So, dive if you can. And, drink if you wish. But don't allow drinking and diving your pool!

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