Swimming Pool Secret #9: Chlorine Alternatives for Swimming Pools

Know what excites many swimming pool dealers most about chlorine 'alternatives', like Baquacil, SoftSwim, Chlor-Free, bromine, or ionizers?

Here's a clue.

Profit margins can be double or triple the margins on chlorine compounds.

Chlorine chemicals are commodities, with prices driven down by excess worldwide manufacturing capacity. Alternative chemical prices are driven by expensive advertising campaigns for which you are paying.

Might be something to keep in mind, the next time your dealer or builder tries to sell you a new ozone generator or ionizer or magic skimmer pill or an amphibian with long green legs!

Oh, and by the way -- the next time a dealer tries to scare you with the cancer risks from chlorine, you can point out that the EPA says your lifetime cancer risk from drinking chlorinated water is measurable . . . but the risk from eating peanut butter once a week is 8x higher!

Check it out yourself:
U.S. EPA Region 5: Publication Number 905/9-91/017 - October 1991; Environmental Risk: Your Guide to Analyzing And Reducing Risk (archival copy)


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