Household Bleach in Swimming Pools

In many parts of the country, plain 6% household bleach is the cheapest, and sometimes the easiest, way to chlorinate your pool. What you want is plain, generic bleach -- no scent, no easy pour spout, no national brand. Clorox used to be an acceptable source of bleach, but they've begun trying to 'spice' up the brand, by adding this and that to their bleach. As a result, you should AVOID the Clorox brand product, and select a store brand instead.
Occasionally, stores will try to boost their margin by diluting bleach further, to 3% or lower. Watch for this, and purchase products with 6% sodium hypochlorite.

It would be simpler if Chlorox had left well enough alone. Unfortunately, for bleach-using pool ownersthey've been busy 'enhancing' their brand, turning ordinary bleach into 'Ultra Bleach'!


They've increased the concentration slightly, (6% vs. 5.25%), raised the price a lot (30% - 50%), and added 'goo'! What 'goo'? I don't know . . . and that's the problem. I try very hard to keep unknown chemicals out of pools. If you can find generic 6% bleach, that's your best bet. If not, here's a 'Ultra Bleach' page, to help you separate the plain bleach from the bleach with 'goo'!


Just in case you aren't sure, you can check the side label for the ingredient name:


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