Baking Soda for Swimming Pools

In home swimming pools, sodium bicarbonate, sometimes called sodium hydrogen carbonate (from the chemical formula, NaHCO3), is used to increase swimming pool alkalinity without having a large impact on swimming pool pH. Baking soda, from the grocery store is the exact same chemical, in a purer grade (U.S.P.), and finer grind.

Sometimes pool dealers, eager to protect their sales of high priced pool products, claim that sodium bicarbonate is not the same thing as sodium hydrogen carbonate. But, they are wrong.

Some of them, ignorantly believe this claim. Others are telling the truth after the fashion of a recent US President.

If you are unsure, any pharmacist or chemist can confirm that sodium bicarbonate is EXACTLY the same thing as sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Just in case you aren't sure, you can check the side label for the ingredient name: sodium bicarbonate.

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