"Swimming Pool Owners . . .

your swimming pool should be fun should be more fun, and less work . . .  

We can teach you to manage your swimming pool chemicals and maintain your swimming pool without spending lots of time and money!

And, we'll do it without trying to sell you swimming pool gadgets, gizmos and mystery chemicals."

I first wrote that almost 15 years ago. Since then tens of thousands of pool owners  have discovered that their pools could be more fun, less work, and less money!

The "BBB method" -- a term one of my long term forum moderators coined to describe the method of pool care described here -- has become known even to pool owners who never visited here. The three B's; "Bleach, Borax and Baking soda", were first discussed in the page titled "Pool Secret #2" and now found at http://www.poolsolutions.com/tips/pool-chemicals-at-the-grocery-store.html.

PoolSolutions was the first place pool owners could learn

We were the first to publish a method of lowering carbonate alkalinity that actually worked . . . and to explain why it worked.

We were the first sites on the Internet to promote FAS-DPD swimming pool testkits. These kits, developed by Taylor Technologies, have since become the standard for many pool owners, because it was explained here and on the PoolForum why they were needed. (Taylor couldn't do so, because they would have made their regular pool store customers unhappy!)

Join us in discovering just how easy inexpensive and fun your swimming pool can be!

Want a place to start?  Take a look at our spring time start-up page, or check out our swimming pool tips!

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